I Might Be Okay But Im Not Fine At All

I'm Victoria, I like bands, more bands, tattoos, piercings, cats, boys and girls.

It’s my third day and I’m already in love with uni 🎊🎈🎉

I look really young today. 13 with makeup, creepy little girl ghost without. 👻🔮 #gettingreadyforhalloweenorsomething

The Story So Far by on Flickr.

1:01 I’ve got these sleepy eyes and Sorority Noise


sorry i only like people that i never have a chance with

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"Rape accusations ruin people’s lives!"

You know what else ruins people’s lives?

B e i n g r a p e d

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I want hickies on my inner thighs

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you know what
the universe has a way of working things out in time
every year I didn’t meet Taylor was a year I wasn’t ready yet
if I don’t meet Taylor this year it means I wasn’t ready again
everything that does or doesn’t happen is all for a reason man
just takes a while for the universe to explain to you what the reason was u know

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